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OCD FULL Interview
The Recording Studio Business - Custom Equipment - Exhorder Recording Process
OCD Recording Process - Crowbar, Blackwater Canal, Exhorder, Down
Who We R
OCD Recording - Crowbar, Firebrain, Kirk Windstein's solo album, OCD workflow
New Decks from N.O.M.!!!
OCD - Building the studio and second location
Blackwater Canal: Full Interview and behind the scenes
Hunter of Fuel the Funeral Productions
DPL Unlimited
One Site for All La. Musicians
Professor Longhair, Dr. John, and NOLA Ordinances
FULL Interview : Jimmy Anselmo of Jimmys Music Club
Record Companies and Variety
Growing Up Quick and Birth of Jimmys Music Club
Jimmy Anselmo - As a Child
Tagged to One Crowd
Heavier Metal and David Allen Coe
Tricks of the Trade
Becoming a Music Venue
DJ Yoda DnB set 2001
You're Not Local - Aging Fan Base
Once nationally touring artist known as The Sheik, now known as The Torch Singer
The Calling of the Lord at a young age
The Sheik stage persona was fun but started to affect his personal life
Pray for Your Own Ass Ministry
No More Sheik , now it is skin tight leather
Rabadash Studios
Gospel Rock Opera "Isle of Dreams"
Superstar Michael J O Hara presents himself to MCA/ Universal Records
How "The Sheik" of The Sheiks was born
What caused The Sheiks to break up?
Desert Drive
Clean and Sober
BMI Writing While Touring
Levi Clark
DJ and Gun Play
Michael O Hara Full Interview
One Minute NOM
Inspiration and Gettysburg
Never Fall and Sony
Paying Dues w the House Of Dread
The Abstract
Trap Door at Muddy Waters
Zeppelins in Fat City Final
1016 Clip
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